Who we are

EasyPartz is an innovative technology and manufacturing company that delivers custom-made parts with revolutionary short wait times. Our automated software allows you to instantly get a price and delivery time for the desired part, so you can realize your idea faster. Automation is the focal point at Easypartz, and our vision is to be able to offer delivery within 24 hours.

EasyPartz offers high-precision CNC milling in many different materials and lots of different finishes. We are constantly working to expand our range and capacity, so if you have any special inquiries, please contact us.

Our Purpose

EasyPartz’ purpose is to make it easy, fast, and cheap to have a prototype or a small series of custom-made parts produced. We discovered that traditional machine shops not only took a long time to deliver products, but it also took a long time to get a price and delivery time. That is not a satisfactory service when time equals money. Therefore, with the help of software, we decided to innovate an industry with an urgent need for it.


EasyPartz was founded in 2018 by the brothers Mads and Morten Hilligsøe, then under the name Vaerks. It started with a dream of making CNC machining much easier and more accessible to product developers around the world. That dream still holds true today, and we are now working on a scalable enterprise, making easy and fast CNC machining available to even more people.

Mads and Morten Hilligsøe

Leading Innovation

Due to our leading innovation within automation of CNC machining, we have joined Alfa Laval’s Innovation house.
We are happy to have our production facilities here, as only a few of the most interesting companies within production, energy and process technology are allowed to be a part of this innovation house.

Read more about Alfa Laval’s innovation house below:


Easypartz’ production facilities

The team

Christian Andersen Nøddeboe


Peter Lykkeberg Larsen


Jacob Emil Bjerring

Production management

Viktor Eldrup Sadowski

Media manager

Emil Heinze

Production management