How to easily go from idea to physical product

Do you have any problems with ordering a component, or would you like to know a little more before ordering? We have made a step by step guide on how to upload a custom 3D model online, with instant pricing and ordering in under 2 minutes.

Creating a user

If you want to upload a model on our website and receive a price, you must create a user at EasyPartz. Fill out the registration form and get a price immediately! You also have the option to update your profile so that your orders use your default information.

Uploading a model

After uploading a 3D model, the configuration of your component is unlocked. Our software detects which configuration options your component can make use of and unlocks corresponding tabs.

Uploading a working drawing

It is always possible to upload a working drawing. Specify dimensions, tolerances and other specific dimensions of your component. Our operator always reviews the working drawings before milling.

Choose material and finish

Under the material and finish tabs, you can choose the material your component should be made of and whether it should have a finish. Not all materials have a possible finish!

If your desired material or finish is missing, you are always welcome to contact us and we will find a solution together.

Design complications

If our analysis of your model detects any complications it will be shown in a list on the left. If you click on the complications , they will be displayed on the model. These errors do not mean that your model cannot be manufactured, only that possible issues may arise.

Reconfigure model

If you want to change components in your basket, you can click on the editing pencil to make changes. The component will subsequently be updated and put back in the basket.

Complete order

Once you have configured your components and you are ready to complete your order, simply fill in your billing information, select the shipping method and place your order.

Reorder model

Returning users have the option to re-order previous items. Go to order history, select a previous order, select the components you want to add to the basket and click add items to the basket.